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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Portstone Imitation Brick Pavers

Portstone Brick Pavers are manufactured in Jackson Ms. They come in sheets instead of single bricks and come in several different patters. When finished you cannot tell the difference between them and real brick.

Tools For Laying

Tools For Finishing

Laying The Pavers
There are an unlimited number of places where you can start laying. Usually I find the longest most visible wall to work off of. Measure out the distance of one or two sheets of pavers at both ends of the wall and pop a line down that wall. Try to stay on that line as you work and it should end up pretty square with the rest of the room. Be sure not to work yourself into a corner that you can’t get out of.
Mix your thinset thick enough that the ridges made by the trowel stand up and at the same time not to thick. It should spread easily. Set the sheets in the thinset keeping the grout lines straight and consistent as you go and wiping any excess off of the top of the tiles. The sheets can be cut by simply scoring them with the sheetrock knife and snapping them over a straight edge. You can also cut them very easily and cleanly with a small wet saw that sells at Home Depot or Lowes for about $100.00. The saw is not absolutely necessary but works very well. The saw and the jamb saw can also be rented from most rental stores.
Finishing The Pavers
Let the pavers dry overnight befor sealing. Mix the sealant and Xylene one to one for floors. Roll a coat on the floor using the brush to get places that the roller won’t reach. This should dry in about one hour. After that is dry apply 2 thin coats of ZEP Polyshield letting it dry between coats (about30 minutes), using the paint pad. The Polyshield provides a hard durable finish. A respirator is absolutely necessary when applying the sealer.
A sample of my work can be seen on the opening page at,along with all of the patterns available. Considering how much real brick pavers cost ,how much the labor is to get them laid, and how much trouble they are to keep sealed and maintained I highly recommend Portstone.


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