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Saturday, April 03, 2010

How To Start A Small Box Garden


  1. Cut the boards into four equal length pieces and nail together as shown
  2. Select a spot in your yard that receives the proper amount of sun for the type     of plant or vegetable that your growing.
  3. Break up the soil underneath the box and remove all of the grass or weeds that you can.
  4. Empty the bags of top soil and Miracle Grow garden soil into the box and mix together.
  5. Plant the seeds or plants as directed on the package or pot and water

This is actually the first time for us to try this type of garden. We have had other traditional gardens in the past though. This method should eliminate a whole lot of weeding and it should also take a lot less water as it is concentrated in one small area instead of being sprayed all over the place. Any other fertilizers or weed control products that you add later will also go in a concentrated area. We have always had trouble with the vines growing over into the other rows of plants and causing a jumbled up mess. Now the vines will grow up the trellises. It should be a much neater and better organized garden. It cost about $15.00 per box to get started but next year it should just be a matter of adding a little bit of soil.
This will be an ongoing article through the spring and summer. We will add pictures as it grows so you can see how well it works.
We spread pine straw in between the boxes and made a path of stone so we could get right next to boxes without getting muddy.


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