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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

How To Replace Damaged Tile

Tools Needed:

The most important thing when removing tiles in the middle of a floor is to remove the grout around the tiles to be removed.
One has to be very careful not to chip or bust adjacent tiles. The bad tile has to be hit with a hammer and if the grout isn’t
removed the outward pressure of the blow is transferred to adjacent tiles.

The best grout removal system is the Dremmel Multimax with the grout attachment. Of course most people don’t want to
spend $100 for this. Although, if you are working with granite or marble with a really small grout joint you might have to
purchase something like this to get the job done. The next best I know of is the double sided carbide tool (blue handle)
sold at almost any Home Depot or Lowes. If you don’t see one there look at any tile store.
After the grout is removed bust the tile, with a hammer, into small pieces. Once one or two pieces are removed use the chisel
and hammer to remove the rest.

If by some chance you can’t get the grout removed, you can use a grinder with a 4” tile blade to grind the middle of the tile out.
Grind out a couple of lines across the tile. This will also help to let the pressure out when hit with the hammer. Even with this done
you have to be very careful. I have seen the grout pull the edge off of the surrounding tiles.

After the tile is removed your left with the old thinset which has to be removed also. Use the hammer, chisel, and floor scraper
until you find out what works best for you.

Always wear safety glasses when busting out tile! Gloves aren’t absolutely necessary but busted tile can cut like glass!



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