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Saturday, January 03, 2009

How To Install A New Toilet

Tired of those unsightly mineral deposits in your toilet? There isn’t much you can do about them but change your toilet. It’s not that difficult to do and you could possibly save a couple of hundred dollars by doing it yourself.

Tools Needed

Steps To Take

  1. Remove existing toilet
    Begin by turning of the water supply. Then flush the toilet and hold the handle down until all the water drains out. Then use the cup and dip as much water out as possible. Next undo the connection of the supply line to the toilet. If it’s too tight to undo by hand then use the pliers. If you are going to use the same seat and lid, disconnect them with the pliers and screwdriver and set aside. Then using the adjustable wrench, undo the screws that hold the toilet to the floor. Then lift the toilet off of the ground.  This may take some side to side movement to get the wax ring seal to release. Then dispose of it.
  2. Set the new toilet
      Your new toilet will come in two sections; the bottom and the tank.  Set the bottom first before attaching the top to it.  Doing it this way will be easier on your back.
    • When you purchased your new toilet, you should have received a new wax ring seal and a new set of screws for attaching the bottom to the ring.  Take the old wax ring off of the floor and put the new one on.  Then replace the old screws with the new ones.
    • Now your ready to set the bottom. Set it on and firmly press it down until it bottoms out. The screws should be protruding through the holes in the bottom of the toilet. Then attach the washer and nut and tighten. Don’t over tighten because it is possible break or crack your toilet. If, after installation, you notice any water leaks when you flush the toilet you can tighten them more.
    • Next, set the top on the bottom and tighten it down. It comes with a rubber seal and it’s pretty self explanatory.
    • Then, Reconnect the water supply and your almost good to go. You can adjust the water level to suit your needs although most toilets now use only 1.5 gals to flush so it’s probably best not to set it any lower than that.
    • Finally, once you see that the toilet is working properly with no leakage you use the hacksaw to cut off the bolts 1/2” or so above the nut. Fill the caps with plumbers putty and push them down on the bolts. Replace the seat and lid and your done.

Now you have a brand new fresh clean toilet and you probably saved a couple hundred bucks by not hiring a plumber to do it for you. Pretty good for about a half a day’s work!


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