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Monday, July 27, 2009

How To Install A New Door In An Existing Jamb

How To Install A New Door In An Existing Jamb

Tools needed

Steps To Take

  1. The first step in this operation will be to take down the old door and set it aside for future use.
  2. Take the new door and lay it flat on a set of sawhorses if you have them making sure that the surface is smooth and will not scratch the door.
  3. Next Measure the height inside the door jamb that you are hanging the door in. The new door should be ¾” less than the jamb opening. If it isn’t it will have to be cut. This can be done by cutting the bottom of the door to ¾” less than the jamb opening. Mark the door from one side to the other with a strait edge then take a razor knife and score the veneer of the door. This will stop the door from splintering when the saw goes threw it. You can now cut the door making sure that your saw stays on the drop side of the mark.
  4. Now you need to sand this cut with a piece of sand paper slightly beveling the bottom edge of the door.
  5. Most new doors are pre-sized for width and need no work but sometimes the old jamb is not strait or is too small, if so you will need to mark the new door ¼” smaller than the jamb. Using a block plane to cut the door to the right size.
  6. Now you need to mark the hinges on the new door. You do this by measuring the distance from the header of the old door jamb and matching it to the new door. It is important to leave 1/8” inch gap between the jamb header and the door. After marking the door take the hinges and mark them on the door making sure they line up on the marks you made and line up with the outside edge of the door jamb.
  7. Using the chisel, mortise the door to the depth of the hinges making sure they lay flush with the door when finished. Screw the hinges to the door with the screws provided
  8. Hang the door in place and check the alignment. If alignment is needed loosen the screws on the jam and shim with paper. You have now hung your first door.


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