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Monday, July 27, 2009

How To Heat Tile Or Laminate Wood Floors

After having installed ceramic tile and stone for 20 years, I think the biggest complaint was that it was cold in the winter. It’s cold in the summer also but it feels nice then. I have installed a couple of different systems and the Suntouch System seemed to be the best. One can have a mat for large areas prepared at the factory by furnishing them with the layout of the area to be heated. It can also be purchased in premade sections for small areas, like in front of toilet, at stores like Lowes. The instructions have to be strictly adhered to for them to honor the warranty. You can do the wiring of the floor and the thermostat yourself but I highly recommend having and electrician check your work.

Tools Needed

Steps To Take

  1. If the mat you have was factory made according to specs that you sent them, you will be furnished with specific instructions as to where each section is to be place. Each mat has to be placed so that the lead wires can be pulled up to the thermostat and electrical supply and they send easy to understand instructions as to how to do this.
  2. They send specific instructions also as to how close the wires can come to toilet wax rings, walls, tubs, cabinets, and baseboards.
  3. The wires are woven into a matting to make installation easier. The knife is used to cut the matting which allows the wiring to be manuvered and flipped over when changing directions.
  4. Once in place the hot glue gun can be used to help keep the mats in place while working on top of them.
  5. A 1/2” by 1/2” plastic trowel is shipped with the mats for spreading the thinset on top of them. Most trowels are made of metal which could possibly damage the wires.
  6. A temporary alarm system is sent with the mats to alert you in case there is a break in the circuit.
  7. While the heating units are probably mostly used under tile or stone they may also be used under laminate or floating hardwood.

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