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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

How to Get Rid of Wasps

When your home, yard, or garden has been infested by wasps, the need to get rid of them can be strong.  If you have children, are allergic to the creatures, or they have simply become bothersome, you are likely wondering how to safely eliminate them without causing great harm or risk to yourself.  While many wasp nests are volatile and best removed by experts, there are a few things you can do if you choose to get rid of the wasps yourself.  Today we will take a look at some different methods that you should use to get rid of these pesky bugs.

If you are looking for an all natural way to get rid of wasps, you might want to try this simple trick.  Take a bucket and fill it with vinegar, water, and sugar.  Add a small drop of dish soap to the mixture as well.  If you are looking to trap the queen of the nest in order to get rid of the entire colony before it grows larger, add a piece of raw meat as well.  The meat and sugars will attract the wasps, who will drown themselves in the mixture.  By using this all natural approach, you ensure that your kids are safe from pesticides and that you are not putting your garden or those nearby at risk.

Standard pesticide spray can also be used, but caution must certainly be exercised.  Not only must you ensure that there are no children or pets in the area, but take care to use clothes that you can simply toss afterwards and to wear a pair of goggles.  Using the pesticide at night will help ensure that the wasps are in the nest at the time.  Position yourself close to the nest, but don’t stand under it so that you can quickly get away after spraying.  Once the job is done, do not wait around to see if it works.  Check the nest the next day, but for the time being it is imperative to clear the area.

Whatever method you choose to use to eliminate wasps, it is important to get rid of the nest once the creatures are gone.  Remove the nest wearing goggles and simply knock it down.  Once you are certain that there are no live wasps remaining in the nest, you can simply pick it up and dispose of it.  If your trash can does not have a lid, be certain to seal the nest in a bag to ensure that pets and animals are not harmed while trying to eat the nest covered in pesticide.  Removing wasps can be tricky and a bit risky, but it can be easily done at home.


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