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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

How To Change Your Own Oil

Tools Needed

Although this a simple process you still can’t be too careful. If your car sets close to the ground you may have to jack it up. If so, put a chock block behind the wheels and get a piece of a cross tie to put under the frame. You just can’t be to careful. You wouldn’t want to trade you life for $20.

  1. Use some kind of flat pan to catch the old oil.
  2. Use the open end wrench to loosen the bolt in the bottom of the oil pan.
  3. While this is draining take the old oil filter off using the filter wrench. (counterclockwise)
  4. After all the oil is drained put the plug back in.
  5. Take the new filter and put a little oil on the rubber gasket with your finger and then put the new filter on. (hand tighten only)
  6. Take the oil filler cap off and refill with new oil according to the owners manual.
  7. After letting the car back down start the engine and let run for a couple of minutes and turn off.
  8. After a few minutes re-check the oil level and that’s it! Be Sure To Recycle



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