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Saturday, January 03, 2009

Dremel Multimax

Dremel Multimax

The Dremel Multimax is an oscillating multi-purpose hand tool. It will sand, grind, and cut. With optional parts it will do other things too, like grout removal. It has 1.5 amp motor and 10,000-21,000 rpm’s. It’s not exactly a contractor grade tool but for occasional DIY use, it’s excellent. I’ve used it to remove grout between granite tile with joints of slightly less than 1/8” and it worked very well. I’ve also used it undercutting door jambs,the little bit that my jamb saw struggles to reach. I am very pleased with this tool.

The Dremel Multimax sells for about $100.00 and comes with the wood cutter and sanding attachment. The diamond grinder blade is optional and cost about $25.00.


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